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Perennials® is the leader in the high-performance textiles industry. Since the company’s debut in 1997, Perennials has become recognized as a designer’s dream fabric for contract and residential applications, transforming gardens, pools, yachts and casual living areas into enchanting spaces.Year after year, Perennials releases designs in 100% Solution-Dyed Acrylic that are remarkable for the luxury they bring to fabric suitable for outdoors and perfect for luxurious, carefree indoor spaces. These include designs and designer collections inspired by nature, art and cultures from around the world in prints, wovens, jacquards, velvets and more.


In addition to fabrics, Perennials offers a selection of made-to-order luxury performance rugs specifically designed to resist mildew and fading while keeping a luxurious feeling underfoot. Just like Perennials fabrics, Perennials rugs are made of 100% solution-dyed acrylic yarns, meaning they are as durable as they are beautiful.

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Pierre Frey, founded in 1935, designs, creates and manufactures fabrics and wallpapers in the purest French tradition. The company’s rich collection of no less than 7,000 items includes not only the Pierre Frey designs, but collections from the company’s other three prestigious brands: Braquenié, Fadini Borghi and Boussac.

Although Pierre Frey is traditionally a fabric and furnishing house, it’s also attuned to the modern world, which has led to the creation of equally stunning home accessories and furniture collections.

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Pindler is proud to present new additions to our Exclusive Platinum Collection. The Platinum Collection transcends classical and modern elements into an alluring collection that is timeless and sophisticated. This beautiful Collection defines the essence of true quality from fiber to fabric incorporating classic design to the height of contemporary styling. The Platinum Collection is a fabulous grouping of casements and draperies constructed in the finest fibers and woven in Germany. Generations of weavers and dyers who have perfected their craftsmanship inspires this collection that is classic, timeless, and modern.

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For more than 75 years, Robert Allen has been serving the residential and hospitality design community by offering premium fabrics, luxurious furnishings, and ground-breaking design services that are relevant and timeless. 


Their story began in 1938, when Benjamin and Esther Weissman founded the company in Boston, later naming it for their two sons, Robert and Allen. Through the years, they pioneered the broad distribution of fabric books and were the first to organize fabrics by color with the renowned Robert Allen Color Library. In fact, their design philosophy centers on color, and they’ve circled the globe seeking inspiration and working with mills in far-flung places that align with their principles. Their tireless efforts have not only resulted in thousands of colors, but thousands of the right colors. 

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Rogers & Goffigon is one of the most respected designers and producers of impeccable high-quality home furnishing textiles in the world. Many of their fabrics are manufactured at family-owned European mills in existence for generations, where skilled craftspeople with an Old World attention to detail employ traditional, centuries-old techniques to create superb woven goods and trimmings.


The Rogers & Goffigon collection uses pure natural fibers in a spectrum of textures and weights—everything from diaphanous, whisper-sheer linen, cotton, wool and silk to plush velvets and upholstery-weight fabrics. The alluring color palette draws upon rich vegetable-based shades of robin's egg blue, sea glass green and a gorgeous range of neutrals and earth tones from palest bisque to deepest sepia. Inspired by historic textiles and patterns found in nature, all of the fabrics complement one another to grace some of today’s most timeless, classical, understatedly elegant interiors.

Source: Rogers & Goffigon


The founding brand of The Romo Group, Romo is renowned for its assorted library of classic and contemporary designs and versatile plains, offering a diverse style and timeless elegance enriched with a sophisticated colour palette.
Generations of experience and distinctive British design are the foundation of the Romo brand. Since establishing its own in-house design studio in the 1980s Romo has continued to grow and is now a market leader in designer fabrics and wall coverings.

Source: Romo Group

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Founded in 1917, the long history of Rose Cumming reflects the timelessness of its design approach. 

Today, Rose Cumming's great-niece Sarah Cumming Cecil, President ,and Principal Designer at Rose Cumming, continues the family design tradition. Working with the client’s needs, she brings to her design work sophistication and warmth.

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Rubelli, the Venice company currently run by the fifth generation of the Rubelli family, designs, produces and sells furnishing products, above all fabrics. Strengthened by a wide and diversified product range, permanently positioned at the high end of the market, Rubelli is a key player on the international interior design scene. Production is carried out at the mill it owns in Como, a true research lab for the development and optimisation of new and exclusive fabric types and where, alongside cutting-edge machinery, eighteenth-century hand looms are still in operation. Company-owned showrooms in major cities in Italy and elsewhere, together with qualified agents and distributors, guarantee extensive distribution worldwide.

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Peter Dunham was raised in France, summered in Spain and educated in England. Moving to Los Angeles in 1998, Peter’s signature style weaves the classic structure and European sensibility of his upbringing with casual, California elegance.


Inspired by his travels through India, Turkey and the Mediterranean, Peter launched his own line of hand-printed textiles in 2003.  Vibrant, sophisticated and charming, Peter’s textiles beg to be mixed for an adventurous, yet refined décor.


Source: Peter Dunham Textiles 

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For over 30 years, Peter Fasano has been making beautiful hand-painted and hand silk-screened fabrics and wallcoverings.  Peter believes that design and pattern can be found anywhere and everywhere.  His collection of fabrics and wallcoverings reflect this eclecticism. The inspiration comes from everywhere, but the product always reflects Peter's own original twist.  All of his fabrics and wallcoverings are hand silk-screened, with some containing hand-painted details.  All water-soluble pigments are earth-based and mixed in an in-house color-mixing department.  In fact, all aspects of production take place under one roof in an ecologically and environmentally-friendly studio.

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