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The French fabric house, Manuel Canovas is internationally renowned for the quality of its textiles and vivid colors. Essentially European, the Manuel Canovas unequaled color philosophy is the foundation of all the collections. The luxurious weaves and stunning prints are instantly recognizable by their unusual color harmonies. The high style prints, wovens and wallpapers make Manuel Canovas textiles a distinct choice for interiors.

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Mariaflora's fabrics are made in Biella, Italy, in the beautiful foothills of the Biellese Alps, an area rich in the tradition of making fine textiles. Framed by high mountain pastures, and an abundant supply of fresh water, fed by rushing rivers, the Elvo, Oropa and Cervo, where exquisite fabrics have been produced since the 11th Century. To honor this tradition, the home of Mariaflora is here, in an early nineteenth century building in an old weaving village. 


Smart and refined fabrics for outdoor and indoor use. For poolsides, backyards, boats... and indoors in rooms where the rays of the sun, hands of young children or the family dog, call for something beautiful, strong, lasting. Fabrics full of verve, that speak to the heart and history of artisanal Italian weaving, amazingly soft to the touch and milled to hold up to the rigors of outdoor use and modern living. 

Source: MariaFlora

Maria Flora | Blake Ashley Design | Santa Barbara
Mark Alexander | Blake Ashley Design | Santa Barbara


Naturally Beautiful Fabrics: Mark Alexander offers exclusive and original textiles and wall coverings. Our design orientation is broadly eclectic in style and natural in quality.

We have developed a unique palette; each design has been coloured independently to suit the nature of the weave pattern or print, but there is a fluidity that runs through the colours integrating the collections. The palette is based on subtle, natural shades, mellow hues and earthy tones which compliment the natural quality of the yarns, with occasional statement colours such as Indigo, Soft Aqua and Cinnabar Red.

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Matthew Williamson is internationally renowned for his signature aesthetic; a master of print, embellishment, attention to detail and kaleidoscopic colour. His collections reflect a refined yet spirited sense of glamour inspired by global and artistic influences.

Source: Osborne and Little

Matthew Williamson | Blake Ashley Design | Santa Barbara
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Nina Campbell'’s designs are epitomised by luxury, practicality and a sense of wit. Integral to the Nina Campbell collections is a colour palette that has been developed with a decorator’s eye, and one that is constantly evolving so that new and existing designs work beautifully together.


2015 marks twenty-five years of Osborne & Little’s collaboration with Nina Campbell as worldwide distributor of her fabrics, wallpapers, and trimmings.

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Originally a diffusion line of Jim Thompson fabrics, No.9 was launched in 2006 under the creative direction of Richard Smith. The brand is now a dynamic younger sibling to the original, sharing its sense of adventure and respect for traditional craftsmanship with an added dimension of informality and a painterly scope.

Source: No. 9 Thompson

No. 9 - Promenade
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Synonymous with elegance and good taste, NOBILIS is a brand carrying French culture, while being open to the world. The NOBILIS collections are characterized by their creativity, the richness of their materials, their motifs, their colors and also by their technical innovation, from high-quality, refined, ranging from the famous classic revisited to the ultra chic design. Individuals and professionals, all appreciate NOBILIS, the most accessible of the prestigious brands. Large interior designers, interior designers and decorators use NOBILIS to dress up prestigious interiors: luxury hotels and restaurants, yachts, private residences ...

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Osborne & Little is one of the world’s leading names in fabric and wallpaper design. Cherishing its reputation for innovation and quality, it has grown into one of the great British brands, globally renowned and respected.

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